Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Coming to you live from the basement of West Hall on the Northwestern Michigan College campus. Indie, electronica, classic punk, experimental, live in-studio sets, alt-folk, breaking genre… this is where creative music lives. The only rule is to do our best to filter out the mainstream. We’re not one of those Clear Channel carbon copies dominating the airwaves. We’re college radio at its finest, and the ONLY place in Northern Michigan to hear innovative, cutting edge, modern music.

Check us out (especially Wednesday late nite!). Monday through Thursday, 9pm to 11pm (Evening Rock), then 11pm to 2am (Late Nite), all times Eastern Standard, on 90.7fm WNMC. If you’re out of the broadcast area, click on the image below to live stream:


At WNMC we post our set lists online as we play them. That way if you hear something you like, you can go right to our website ( and find out who the artist and title was. (And believe me, given the obscure nature of most of the shit we play, this is a mighty useful tool!)

The link below will send you to the wnmc page for Wednesday Late Nite playlists. Just click on the date you’re interested in and the list magically appears along with tea and cashews. You can also use the calendar to the left to navigate your way to any other wnmc program that airs throughout the week, to view other djs’ playlists.




As often as possible, I try to get fresh talent to come in and play live on the air. Having emigrated from the Detroit area, I was pleased to discover that Traverse City boasts an impressive array of local, innovative indie groups and artists. Getting them out there, getting them heard (alongside the stellar collection of creative and cutting edge music we broadcast regularly at WNMC), is the best use of this forum I can think of. (And a hell of a lot more exciting than sitting down here by myself until 2am every Wednesday night.)

I take pains to record all the live sets. Still working on perfecting the mixdown process afterward, but it's getting there. The main idea behind this blog is to give you a chance to hear those musicians any time - believe me, I know, it's hard to stay up this late on a Wednesday night sometimes


The Accidentals

Harland & Wolff



Feelds playing live to my shoulder.